Lies The Government Told You – Ralph Nader Interviews Judge Andrew Napolitano

lies the government told you by judge andrew napolitano

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If you ever wondered what a real discussion might look like between two people on the opposite ends of the political spectrum? This is it. To be honest, this is not a debate between the right and left but an interview and in this interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Ralph Nader leaves no stones uncovered.

Judge Andrew Napolitano is not one to shy away from any question and in this  interview he gives lucid, cogent and passionate opinions, exposing government lies and defending the Constitution along the way.

You’re going to be surprised to the (non partisian) answers to the wide range of questions from Ralph Nader

  • Fair Elections (remember the 2000 election)
  • Roe Vs. Wade
  • The war on drugs
  • Tort reform and the absolute necessity to preserve the right of people to bring suit.
  • The myth of innocent until proven guilty,
  • The food police,
  • The way Congress has abdicated it’s power to the executive branch.
  • Torture, Bush/Cheney as criminals (who the judge believes should still be prosecuted) and more.
  • The legality of the War Powers Act –
  • The war on terror and war always ends up concentrating power in the federal government and a loss of liberty.
  • The abomination of the patriot act and how the 16th and 4th amendment have been compromised.

One of the most interesting aspects of the interview occurs as the judge gives a scathing expose of Abraham Lincoln as a tyrant and the way that people were murdered, journalists silenced and people tortured at Lincolns whim! Eye opening to say the least!

It’s a fascinating, engrossing, enlightening interview and makes you wonder what kind of country we really might have if the tenor of the discussion was raised to this level.

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