Gary Johnsnon on Liberty Underground Radio

If you plan on voting in the upcoming 2012 election and you haven’t heard of Gary Johnson, then take the time to listen to this interview with Gary on July 6th. 2012.  Gary Johnson is running for President in the 2012 election as a Libertarian and if you like Ron Paul, then you’re going to like Gary Johnson.

Gary is facing an uphill battle of  because the process is dominated and controlled by the two major parties. He currently stands at 6% nationally, though in Ohio his polling numbers just hit 10%.

The biggest challenge facing Gary Johnson is getting in the nationally television debates. These debates what are run by an organization called “The Presidential Debate Commission” (which of course is 2 party dominated) has excluded him. To overcome this Gary’s campaign has recently filed a law suit seeking relief. The suit is currently pending and it’s anyone’s guess if he’s successful, or not.

If you listen to this interview and want to support Gary here’s what you can to.

1.  Sign the petition to get Gary invited to the debates

2. Send a message or letter to the sponsors. See this page for a template

Get The Gary Johnson 2012 Mobile App on Android

In May 2012 I heard Gary on a radio interview and was very impressed. I had been aware of him and his positions and had just started a brand new company developing mobile apps  and Gary didn’t have an app. So I called the show and talked to Gary and told him I had an idea to help him get elected. He told me to call the campaign office, which I did.

gary johnson mobile app on android and i-tunesSo, I called the office and shared my app idea with them. They were receptive so I went out on a limb and developed a prototype that day. I called them back the next day and let them know it was practically ready for them and asked them to review it.

Well push come to shove political campaigns are not immune to organizational lethargy and such as the case here and even though I sent numerous follow up messages didn’t hear a thing.

Finally about a month ago I came to the conclusion that it was better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission, so I finished it up and called them back and put it in their lap.

It took about a week after that but now they’ve taken ownership of the app and it’s pending approval by Apple. So the other way to support Gary is to get the mobile app on android and donate to the campaign and share the app with your friends because the bottom line at this stage it’s a money game and he needs all he can get.

If you own an Android Phone you can get the Gary Johnson 2012 app on the Google Play store. 


PS: The start up mobile app development company I started is called MAPPAquerque and we also did the Ron Paul music festival and if you know of anyone that is a business owner who has been thinking about going mobile any referrals would be greatly appreciated.