CERN Interdimensional Portal – Gateway to Hell?

CERN Interdimensional Portal, Gateway to Hell? Or boys with toys.

CERN is an organization that runs and manages the Large Hadron Collider, or LHC. It is the largest most expensive machine ever built by man.  The subject of the LHC is experimentation in high  energy particle physics and the object is to smash atoms together at higher and higher energy levels in the attempt to discover the fundamental elements of matter and to create an interdimensional portal

Smashing atoms together at such higher and higher energy levels, they hope will recreate the big bang and in the process open a portal, or create a black hole. The implications are astounding, significant and as the layers of the onion are peeled back imply some very scary scenarios.

cern interdimensional portal - shiva the destroyerFor example if CERN is able to open an interdimensional portal, what is on the other side? If you have a religious background you might say that this is ripping open the veil to the abyss, or the bottomless pit. Though this may sound a bit far-fetched, remember we’re dealing with the elite and the elite are dedicated to the use of occult practices to enhance their power regardless of the consequences.

CERN is creepy. In the picture to the left is a statue of Shiva, which is located at the front entrance to the facility. Shiva is part of what is referred to as the Trimurti which is comprised of three separate Gods; Shiva, Vishnu and  Brahma. Each God is an aspect of creation with Shiva as the destroyer.

You’ll should also not be surprised to learn as well that the part of the LHC is Switzerland is built over an old Roman town named after the pagan God Apollo who some believe to be Lucifer.

The study of CERN and their work at the LHC is a rabbit hole that is about as deep as you can possibly imagine. It just depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. In this spirit I offer you two separate videos to ease you into the subject of CERN.

The Alberino Analysis – CERN: Occult Conspiracy

This is a 31 minute overview that is very well produced and well explained and is a good place to start and  get your feet wet on the subject and the occult implications and symbology that surrounds CERN, LHC and initiative to open an interdimensional portal.

Anthony Patch-Deep Down the CERN Interdimensional Portal Rabbit Hole on Caravan to Midnight

John B. Wells and Anthony Patch will take you very far down LHC rabbit hole in this 2 hour interview. You’ll learn that it’s not just about interdimensional portals, but it’s about allowing what is on the other side to come through and then what they plan on actually doing? Anthony has some very interesting theories on things like Chem Trails that you’ve never heard before. Chemtrails aren’t what you think they are according to Patch. Chemtrails is terraforming the planet so that it’s more habitable for entities that are not of human origin.

As strikingly bizarre as that sounds, it’s not the entire story. You can be sure that John B . Wells doesn’t interview lightweights. Anthony Patch has been studying the LHC and the subject of CERN Interdimensional Portals for over 25 y ears. It’s a riveting analysis and he’s been able to piece together a very dark story about CERN and if you’re a truth seeker this is one that you need to have some awareness of.

So will the CERN Interdimensional Portal be our undoing? Or are these just a bunch of boys with their toys?

You can follow Anthony Patch at his website as well as download two books that he’s written on the subject.

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