Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress

ron paul's farewell speech to congress november 14th 2012If you believe that the solution to the problems we face as a nation and as a race is found in more freedom and liberty then you’ll want to watch Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress that he gave on Nov 14 on the house floor.

It’s hard to watch Ron Paul’s speech and not imagine him as the President. He would have been a great President and in this speech he touches on all aspects of the ill-logic and poor reasoning behind the entire basket of government policies and laws that do nothing but erode personal and economic liberty if only for the benefit of the rich, powerful and political class.

In this 47 minute speech Ron Paul touches on all subjects –

  • The immoral and illogical drug war and laws
  • The insanity of monetary policy
  • The immoral use of force by the government
  • Undeclared wars
  • The erosion of liberty
  • The coming financial collapse
  • The illegitimate use of force by the Government
  • Internet regulation
  • Corporatism
  • and more
And…………though there is plenty of blame to go around and the political class bears much responsibility for the erosion of liberty and the degradation of our society but in the final analysis none of this could have occurred without the general loss of moral virtue, excellence and that restoring freedom and liberty is a function of a “moral and virtuous people”. We can’t look to the government to provide the solution to the loss of liberty, rather the responsibility is ours. Larger change will come from  from the change we make in our selves in the direction of virtue and excellence.
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