Ron Paul speaks with a couple of reporters from the Concord Monitor. In this very comprehensive, in depth interview Ron Paul sits across the table takes a number of questions from a couple of reporters from the Concord Monitor that aren’t what you would call Ron Paul fans. They’re very respectful of course but Dr Paul was challenged on a number of issues related to tax policy, suggesting that the way to economic growth is through more taxes.

You’ll enjoy this interview because it’s an across the table format, and very intimate and informal and just about every topic is covered in depth; monetary policy, foriegn policy,domestic policy, the wars and more then I can mention here.

Regardless of where you stand relative to your support for Ron Paul, it’s always refreshing to listen to him because he is sincere and his words aren’t measured, or covered in the normal double speak and spin you get from most every other politician walking the face of the earth.

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