Ron Paul for President 2012Ron Paul delivers his message of sound money, freedom, liberty, prosperity and a humble foreign policy to a large gathering of  youthful supporters at the University of Iowa and if you’re not familiar with Ron Paul and his message this is the video you should watch.

Project Camelot Channel supports and endorses Ron Paul for President and it is our belief that a Ron Paul Presidency is the best prescription for curing what ills America. His philosophy of freedom, liberty, limited government and a respectful foreign policy we believe would unleash a flood of human creativity in all regards.

Why We Like Ron Paul

The difference in our opinion between Ron Paul and the rest of the candidates is that he believes in the native wisdom and judgement of the individual. He’s wants me, you and everyone to have the power of self determination and free choice. His fundamental assumption is that people are good and are capable of governing themselves. He believes in the power of the individual and given his consistent message and voting record over the years, Ron Paul we believe is someone that can be trusted to do what he says he’s going to do. How refreshing is that?

Ron Paul, You Decide for Yourself 

For more information about Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign or to volunteer go to or for more videos you can also go to Ron Pauls You Tube channel and you can also watch Ron Pauls recent presss conference where he unveiled his budget plan that would save $1 trillion dollars the first year. There’s also a 1988 interview with Frank Morrow you can find here on Project Camelot Channel. 

Ironically Ron Pauls message of freedom and a constitutionally limited government is often branded by the mainstream and talking head pundits as extreme, but you should decide for yourself. Is freedom extreme? Is it extreme to expect the government to protect our freedoms, rather then attack them with draconian legislation like the US Patriot Act, or the Military Commission Act?

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