Does a Near Death Experience Prove Life After Death?

life-after-death-near-death-experiencesIs there fife after death? What  happens after we die? Where do we go? Is it total blackness and the end of consciousness? Is there heaven? Is there a hell? These are a few questions that are raised in this film through the first hand accounts of those who have had a near death experinece.

Can there be any more profound question for any of us to ponder? Basd on this film there seems to be a body of of evidence from people who have had near death experiences that there is rich world awaiting us after we shed our skin and  pass from this life to the next.

This film seeks to examine the common characteristics of the near death experience as reported by people who have actually died, left their body, did their life review, met the light and then returned back to earth.

The Life Review

Imagine having to account not for everything that you may have ever done, but everyting you ever thought or said! This was the life review. It’s a review that is not judgemental (other than your own judgement) but you get to experience your life in terms of the consequences of your behavior;  you get to see your life in terms of how your actions, your words your deeds affected people around you.

Meeting the Light

Total love. Total acceptance. Beyond words are some of the things that are said but more importantly people say that they felt as if they were going home. This sense of going home seems to me to indicate that it’s truly a return to the original source of all things: there is no division based on ego wants, needs, or desires.

Returning to Earth Following the Near Death Experience

No one wants to leave the source. They all want to stay, but upon their return there’s a profound change to the way they view themselves in the world. A change of values. The things that they thought to be significant before their near death expeience have been replaced with a desire to just be in the world without judgement, without fear and to help people.

All of this begs the question, you might the “Rodney King” question. Why can’t we all just get along. The near death experience seems to bring us face to face with the maker, The one, God, the origninal thought and while there we are reconnected as part of the larger whole, surrounded by love and total acceptance so profound that no one wants to leave.

So watch this film, then go hug your wife, say  hi to your neighbor and realize (as I have) that we’re here to help each other.

What do you think? Wouldn’t it be great for the New World Order, the Illuminati to have a few of these.