Jacques Vallee, Terrence McKenna, John Mack, Budd Hopkins on Aliens and UFO Abductions

abductionOutside of common lore, outside of all the mis and disinformation about UFO’s, abductions and human experimentation are individuals who are not only doing real serious thinking and research but also helping those who we call abductees.

This is a series of interviews with four men who have spent and invested a considerable amount of time deep within the evolving saga of UFO’s & Aliens and not only have a well thought perspective, but also a wealth of experience to offer any other seriious truth seekers.

Although Jacques Valle has receeded from any active research he has produced an extraordinary body of work and takes a unique perspective and does not believe that we are being visited by space brothers who are here to give the human race a boost up. Rather, he is wary, skeptical and sees quite a parallel to the UFO lore of today with the mythology of demos of yesteryear – not necessarily to be trusted blindly.

Terrance McKenna who is widely known for his own personal adventures in consciousness through the use of mind altering subtances, offers more of a point of view more rooted in our own personal psychology and history.

John Mack, a Harvard professor was one of the 1st mainstream academecians to do long term work and research with abductees. He expeienced quite a bit of ridicule from a few of his closed minded academic collegues but continued to study and amass an impressive body of work. His clinical research is a valuable addition to the discussion.

Budd Hopkins is well known for the work he has done over many  years helping abductees discover, explore and deal with their experiences and appears on stage with John Mack in the final segment.

With the exception of Jacques Valle, all men have since passed but their work lives on. I have provided links below to a number of their books on Amazon for anyone who is intersted in doing their own independent study and research.

Jacques Valle – Messengers of Deception

Terrance McKenna, The Invisible Landscape

John Mack, Abuduction and Human Encounters with Aliens

Budd Hopkins, The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods