You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid – The Corbett Report

Conspiracies_Go_Mainstream_CorbettReport__NewWorldNextWeek__172514The Constitution is written with an emphasis on all the rights belonging to the people and the states. The Federal Government has powers that are very limited and defined. This is totally consistent with the notion that the people are sovereign, not the government. You own your life, you own what you do, you own your property and you are responsible. The Constiution is without a doubt a ‘power to the people’ document and as such one of the greatest civil rights statements ever written.

However when you consider the current overreach by the government in the arena of survellience the power shifts dramatically from the people to the state. This kind of power shift is in direct conflict with the intentions of the founders; not to mention the 4th amendment.

In this video James Corbett of the Corbett report goes into a bit of history when it comes to survellience and more importantly covers some things that have gone under the radar recently. Specicially he talks about the “Read ID” act and how it is being slowly, incrementally implemented.

Are you ready for your own IP/Mac address. If you get the chip you will have no choice and then you will be totally owned. This is why pushing back on the survellience state right now is critical, because the first stage of ownership is survellience.

We’re already so survellied that it’s beyond belief (for some), but we’ve been gradulally over time come to accept it.


James Corbett in his report references a documentary produced and directed by Aaron Russo. You can watch this documentary here on Project Camelot channel using the following link. Watch Freedom To Fascism by the Late Aaron Russo

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