I guess I’ve lived a sheltered life because until watching this movie I had never heard of the term “Noble Lie”.  I (and you too probably) learned that it was never acceptable to lie and that I should always tell the truth. Well apparently the elite (surprise, surprise) have this thing called a “Nobel Lie”. And as it implies it’s a situation whereby it’s ok to lie if the reason for the lie is nobel.

The term “Noble Lie” is actually found in  Wikipedia and have Plato to thank you for it.

In politics, a noble lie is a myth or untruth, often, but not invariably, of a religious nature, knowingly told by an elite to maintain social harmony or to advance an agenda. The noble lie is a concept originated by Plato as described in the Republic.

Well, I’m not sure how much has changed in the last 2500 years since Plato. The power elite still lie but the lies have become less and less noble.

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