CIA Mind Control Techniques – MK Ultra and Human Experiments

This free documentary about the CIA and Mind Control Techniques and project MK Ultra was produced in 1979 back when desktop computing, gene mapping and a whole host of other things were the stuff of futurists. So considering the amount of time that has elapsed since the production of this documentary, one can only imagine the kind of advancements that have been made in the area of mind control techniques and given the advancements in computing capability and a host of other fields that have taken place, it’s reasonable to suspect that the mind control techniques are much more sophisticated now then we could possibly imagine.

There’s really no telling exactly how far the field has grown and what’s more profound to me is the kind of capabilities that are likely at play when mind control techniques are combined with other super advanced capabilities. For example, video editing and animation, or subliminal messaging,. etc, etc, etc.

I don’t know of anything specifically and really just thinking out loud here, but if I were in charge of such a program with a charter to create and perfect mind control techniques and was given an unlimited budget and close to unrestricted resources with all the super computing capability at my disposal? I’m pretty sure I could come up with some pretty nefarious things. I’m sure you could too which is why I permanently unplugged the cable box a few years back.

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