Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5  Dimensions

I happened across this presentation last night and for some unknown reason decided to watch it. I hadn’t really followed the Sandy Hook, incident or ensuing controversey but something about this video caused me to click and to say t hat it’s creepy would be an understatement. Creepy not because of the presenter, or the video production but the way that Sofia Smallstorm unravels the story.

The Sandy Hook story is creepy from top to bottom. The official story and the characters (parents, police and all concerned) are creepy. It’s like a bad version of the Stepford wives. The presentation is approximately 90 minutes long and I would highly and strongly recommend that you watch the presentation from start to finish, as it’s not until the end Sofia ties a bow on the “5th dimension” of what really looks to be like a staged even.

The implications of her conclusions take the concept of living in the Matrix to a whole new level and is just another indicator as to how low our planetary handlers will go to shape policy and……………if it turns out that Sandy Hook was totally staged, (for the other reasons revealed) the question is how far will our handlers go to fake events and as Sofia says “Create Reality”.

I warn you that if you do watch this, be prepared to be really creaped out as I was.

The totally inconistent, disconnected behaviors exhibited by parents and others left me feeling not only creeped (and I wish I could use a better word but can’t think of one now) but also very depressd. However, that’s no reason to turn a blind eye to the truth.