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KrisAnne Hall, Liberty First, Our political representatives take an oath of office where they swear to uphold and defend the Constitution. However it doesn’t take a degree in physics to know that for most of them the oath carries little if any gravity because if it did there wouldn’t be any such thing as the NDAA, which allows them to kill anyone of us just because they want to, or massive NSA data sweeps sucking up every last little bit and byte they can get their hands on. It can all be very depressing and easily leave you shaking your head, dazed and confused wondering what in Gods creation is going on. I used to feel this way quite frequently but I have recently become personally with KrisAnne Hall and have become infected and inspired by her unique passion and knowledge not just about the legal aspects of our Constitution, but its 700 year historical roots as well as how the concepts of freedom & liberty relate to the supreme being and in this video she touches on all three of these aspects. KrisAnne Hall a national treasure and I can assure you that if you do take the time to watch this entire video (and I recommend that you do) that you will only not be disappointed but you will be inspired.


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PS: KrisAnne Hall was fired from her job as prosecutor in Florida because she was teaching the Constitution on her own time. She drew the line, didn’t compromise her rights and has never looked back. So if after you watch this video, if you’re a bit inspired and maybe even moved do to something, then go to KrisAnnes website today (before watching football) at and make a donation. You can make a one time or better yet a recurring donation of any amount.

If you feel sometimes that there’s nothing you can do to stop the tyranny from taking over – don’t!

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KrisAnne teaches it like no one else does. Connecting the dots between the law, history ,our founders and the divine spirit. So just click below and then go tell someone else about KrisAnne Hall.

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