John Pilger and the Obama Empire

john pilger identifies obama as a fraudJohn Pilger is a well known journalists, war correspondent and filmmaker and is no conservative (should any Obama supporters think this is just conservative dribble): In fact this 32 minute presentation in San Francisco at a Socialists Worker event.

In summary John Pilger identifies and equates Obama as a marketing phenomenon the product of his handlers and in some ways not much different from any good marketing campaign where you’re told one thing only to experience something completely different.

I won’t take away all of John Pilgers fire here because this is one of the most powerful videos exposing Obama for the man and the President he really is and……………………not the President he was sold to be or whom many supporters believe him to be. Obama is a marketing brand a marketing empire.

If you are someone who supports and voted for Obama and you also believe in the importance of  truth than you just might be experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance……. and rightly so. And if you have an open mind watch this video by John Pilger and think about what he has to say and ask yourself if you Obama still deserves your support.

You can learn more about John Pilger and his entire extensive body of work that includes all his films and articles at his website at

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