Steps For Human Evolution

2008 International UFO Congress presentation. Jim Sparks will explore the significant changes that have taken place in the most recent years of his 20 year interactions with non-human intelligent beings. According to The Keepers, “this isn’t the first time humans have gotten to this critical point and have self destructed in our lost and forgotten history.

There is a good chance we can evolve this time.” Jim will out line the steps necessary as advised by “The Keepers” and will discuss ways in which the human species can evolve and join the galactic neighborhood. Raised in Florida, Jim studied real estate and later founded J & J Properties, a natural land development company. Sparks was happily married and financially successful when, at age 34, his experiences with other-worldly beings started. Life as he knew it began to unravel with these unexplained incidents.

Now, 20 years later, Sparks has moved from resister to cooperator and is sharing his experiences with others. Jim Sparks has conscious awareness of his abductions, giving him clear memories of alien technology, and what they say their purposes are— offering us new insights into this amazing phenomenon. Jim Sparks is author of The Keepers and produced