Anthony Demello, How To Love! The Illusions and Realities of Love

How To Love

How To Love!

Love is like the wind. Impossible to get your hands, head (or heart) around. You know it exists but it escapes definition. Sages and philosophers from Jesus to Plato have spoken and written about it. Now in this video by Anthony DeMello you will learn a little different take on the subject of love and ‘how to love.’

If you’ve never read anything by Anthony Demello and you’re on any type of spiritual path, seeking to enlarge your ability to accept yourself and others with open eyes, true grace and wisdom, then Anthony Demello needs to be in your library.

If you remember the 60’s, Mary Ann Faithful, wrote a song about it’ “What The World Needs Now Is Love”, then the Beatles wrote “All You Need is Love”. It seems so obvious a thing and such a simple remedy to the ills of the world. We have a Nobel Peace Price winning President who is more of a hawk then Bush (go figure) and policies around the globe that seem to have a single purpose of instilling fear in us all.

Maybe it is that simple and all we really do need is love sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.