What You Really Need to Know About the Israelis and Palestinians

After watching this I realized how ignorant I was about the entire middle east conflict between the Israeli’s and the Palestinians. You will not hear any of this on the mainstream (or lamestream) media, but if you’re curious and want to hear a balanced historical and sane rendition of what the myth are vs the reality and who is the real oppressor, then you should make it a point to watch this video.

You’ll develop an appreciation for the plight of the Palestinian people and just how extensively our mainstream media has demonized the Palestinian and twisted the dialogue in favor of Israel.

The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine (Kindle Version)

The journey that Peled traces in this groundbreaking memoir echoed the trajectory taken 40 years earlier by his father, renowned Israeli general Matti Peled. In The General’s Son, Miko Peled tells us about growing up in Jerusalem in the heart of the group that ruled the then-young country, Israel. He takes us with him through his service in the country’s military and his subsequent global travels… and then, after his niece’s killing, back into the heart of Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

The book provides a compelling and intimate window into the fears that haunt both peoples– but also into the real courage of all those who, like Miko Peled, have been pursuing a steadfast grassroots struggle for equality for all the residents of the Holy Land.