Lets Save Canada, Paul Hellyer

paul hellyer, lets save canadaWatch and listen to this presentation by Paul Hellyer because as a former high level official in the Canadian government, he knows what he is talking about.

Paul Hellyer is a Canadian patriot and in a very detailed and methodical manner describes how Canada has been under attack by the forces of globalism for the the past number of decades and then concludes with a plea that is good advice for everyone.

He lays out the case exceptionally well and half way through the video you’re going to be really wondering why we’re (meaning the worlds population) being treated the way we are and you rapidly come to the realization that  those who are pushing globalism aren’t concerned with the globe in terms of making life better for us all. They’re concerned for the globe and how it makes life better for them.

The presentation is divided into a number  of segments.

  • The Legacy of Free Trade Agreements
  • Global Engineering
  • Money Creation
  • The War on Terrorism

This is a very informative presentation and the points Paul Hellyer makes in favor of Canadian sovereignty really apply to the US and anyone for that matter with a concern about the loss of sovereignty in favor of globalism.

More About Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer has a website you can visit for more information