Why In The World are They Spraying

Why In the World Are They SprayingThis is the 2nd in the series by Truth Media Productions dealing with Chemtrails and the larger subject of “Geoengineering” The first film in the series called “What in the World are They Spraying”  was all about the quest to discover the the specific elements of what was being sprayed on top of us.

What In The World Are They Spraying

So what are Chemtrails made of and why should anyone be concerned. Chemtrails are composed mainly of Barrium and Alumina, or Aluminum Oxide. The filmmakers travel to northern California and Hawaii and talk to people and researchers on the ground and you will find out even the snow and the mountain water around Mount Shasta is contaminated with aluminum 60,000 times above what the government recognizes as harmful and the plan is to dump 10, 20 megatons in the atmosphere and no studies have been released on the human health consequences.

Why In The World Are They Spraying

In this film the filmmaker asks the next logical question which is “Why”. The answer?

Why are we being sprayed with millions of tons of material every year. Why? Why change the ph of the soil so we can’t grow crops and contaminate the food chain? Why pollute the atmosphere so that it changes weather patterns? Why? Why? Why?

Watch and find out and formulate your own opinion.

This is a  very important film to watch and get out to everyone you know.

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