Chemtrails, What in the World are They Spraying On Us!

chemtrails-over-europeI first became aware of Chemtrails listening to Coast to Coast Am with Art Bell. At the time I gave it only passing interest thinking it to be just one of those wild things you might hear on Coast to Coast. Over time I became more aware of the validity of Chemtrails but this film really brings the issue into focus in the context of Geo Engineering, global warming an the impact these Chemtrails are having on the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat.

What Are Chemtrails

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft and if you haven’t, then you’re not looking up. These are Chemtrails. They’re distinctly different from contrails which is the water vapor from jet aircraft engines that dissipate right away. In contrast Chemtrails do not dissipate and no longer is the subject the stuff of the “tin foil hat crowd” but now part of a wider program that is identified as Aerosol Geo Engineering, which gives it kind of a wholesome sound to the whole thing and it might be except for the fact that what is being sprayed is toxic to everything.

Chemtrails Composition

So what are Chemtrails made of and why should anyone be concerned. Chemtrails are composed mainly of Barrium and Alumina, or Aluminum Oxide. The filmmakers travel to northern California and Hawaii and talk to people and researchers on the ground and you will find out even the snow and the mountain water around Mount Shasta is contaminated with aluminum 60,000 times above what the government recognizes as harmful and the plan is to dump 10, 20 megatons in the atmosphere and no studies have been released on the human health consequences.

The Economics of Chemtrails – Follow the Money

You might reasonably wonder why this is being done. Why are we being poisoned by Aluminum? Why is our soil being poisoned and our air soured? We’re told by the Geo Engineers that this is a tool to fight global warming and cool down the planet and if a few people are affected well so be it. However, the film reveals other information. For example the Aluminum in the Chemtrail vapor makes it difficult to grow crops and farmers report much lower crop yields, but that ‘s ok because now GMO Aluminum resistant seeds are available from Monsanto! Interesting.

The Politics of Chemtrails

No one wants to touch the issue. The filmmakers corageously travel do D.C at the end of the movie and politely attempt to connect with our Senators and Congressman and as you might guess are routinely received in the spirit of WC Fields; “Go Away Kid, You’re Bothering Me”.

Who Is Behind Chemtrails

This is the big elephant question in the room. Certainly whoever is behind Chemtrails have a larger agenda. What is is and why few people know. It’s clear however that the consequences will be good for them and bad for us.

What Is Being Done About Chemtrails

There is some good news. Recently as of The people in Maui, Hawaii have crafted legislation in the form of a county ordinance to ban Aerosol, Geo Engineered Chemtrails over their skies.

Chemtrails Links and Resources

You also may be interested in watching the two other documentaries on Project Camelot Channel about Chemtrails

As always, do your own research and then make your voice heard.