Jim Marrs, Rule by Secrecy

The Hidden History That Connects The Trilateral Commission, Free Masons and the Great Pyramids

This video of Jim Marrs recorded at the UFO Congress is a presentation revolving around the information contained in his book called “Rule by Secrecy”.

About Rule By Secrecy the Book (From Amazon)

In this astonishing book, celebrated reporter and New York Times -; bestselling author Jim Marrs painstakingly explores the world’s most closely guarded secrets, exposing clandestine cabals and the power they have wielded throughout time.  Defiantly rooting out the truth, he unearths starting evidence that the real movers and shakers covertly collude to start and stop wars, manipulate stock markets and interest rates, maintain class distinctions, and even censor the six o’clock news.  And they do all this under the mindful auspices of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the CIA, and even the Vatican.

Drawing on historical evidence and his own impeccable research, Mars carefully traces the mysteries that connect these modern-day conspiracies to humankind’s prehistory.  The eye-opening result is an extraordinary synthesis of historical information -; much of it long hidden from the public -; that sheds light on the people and organizations that rule our lives.

Disturbing, provocative, and utterly compelling, Rule by Secrecy offers a singular worldview that may explain who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.


I own this book and it is one of those that once you start reading will consume your time until you’ve finished it. It is eye opening and insightful. Thanks for supporting The Project Camelot Channel.