Richard Dolan, Secret Space Conference 2014

The Secret Space Program. What is it and how does it affect your live now and how will it affect your life in the future?

This is a much watch presentation by Richard Dolan. If you’re not aware of who he is  or if you’re not a fan of his work  you will be after watching this 2014 video from the 2014 Secret Space conference in California.

Richard Dolan’s work is incredibly detailed, thorough and well researched with an intention to connect the dots in a way that reveals a much larger picture. In this respect he does not disappoint.

What he reveals is quite chilling.

  • Why the elite will do everything in their power to keep the lid on the ET and exotic technology they’ve developed.
  • Why he thinks disclosure is inevitable.
  • The real reason for the global security state.
  • The real reason for things like TPP.

The Secret Space program in his opinion is at the core of the elites rush to lock down society. To monitor everything we do, to lock down intellectual property rights, the control of the media and to lock us all down so that we’ll never present a threat to them should the deep truth of what has been going on for years be revealed.

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