Free Documentary, Mystery of the Sphinx

mystery of the sphinx documentaryConsidered to be the greatest statue on Earth, this documentary is about the true origins of the Sphinx is a fascinating detective story you’re sure to enjoy.

Narrated by the late Charlton Heston, this documentary follows the groundbreaking work of John Anthony West and Robert Schock as they go head to head with the establishment to argue a new theory about the age and the builders of the Sphinx.

Traditional and accepted science says that the Sphinx was built by the Pharaoh Chefren around 4500 years ago. However, John Anthony West presents convincing evidence based on the fact that the erosion of the Sphinx is water based, not wind and sand based, which means that the Sphinx had to be around before the Sahara become the dry desert it is today.

It’s a fascinating detective story with lots of twists and turns that I guarantee you’ll enjoy


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