Brotherhood of the Beast by Chris Everard & Enigma TV

Chris Everard, the founder of the Enigma Channel at presents what I can only describe as a creepy rendering on the  very bizarre occult practices of the elite dating back thousands of years. Filmmaker Everard details the use of magic and spells to conjure demons as a practice that dates back centuries, used throughout the ages by the elite and continues to be used to this day.

As far as out as that may sound it’s not that  big of leap of faith given the totally screwed up way the planet is run. Not to mention the fact that infamous “Cremation of Care” ritual, exposed by Alex Jones in his documentary about the Bohemian Grove is still carried out every year. It’s a creepy thought for anyone who grew up believing in the motherhood and apple pie mythology of the “American Good Guy.”

I leave it to you to decide if Brotherhood of the Beast is some weird fantasy, or if there is some truth the proposition of the elite using magic and spells to conjure demons to do their bidding.