Overlords of the UFO, 1976 Documentary

I’m not quite sure exactly how I stumbled on this rare jewel of a documentary. The IMDB has very little information about it other than to say; “This documentary puts forth the theory that UFOs are actually beings from another dimension, and reviews past incidents of UFO sightings in support of that theory.”  Given the fact that it was produced back in 1976, the year of the Bee Gees, spinning crystal balls and disco, I find this to be somewhat of an amazing position.To go along with the other dimension hyptothesis, there are many rare interviews and photographys. A variety of abductees, civilian as well as military witnesses independent researchers and rare photographs give this film an interesting and unique point of view.

This documentary brings perspective. These critters, aliens, little guys or whatever you want to call them have been around for a long, long, long, long time and it would be a safe bet to say they’re not going anywhere soon. A recent look at the data available from the National UFO Reporting Center reflect a sharp rise in sightings over the past 14 years. In March of 200o there were 225 and in March of 2014, 483 sightings were reported. Why are we becoming more popular with the visitors? One can only speculate.

Fundamentally this documentary is similiar to many UFO documentaries as it seeks answers to the common questions of; who are they, why are they here and who is calling the shots. What’s the plan?  Some say they know but ultimately it’s all specualative until there’s disclosure. Either way, after watching this film and letting the historical backwards look sit in for a bit, it’s pretty clear that one thing is for sure. We are not alone.

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