Zen – The Best Of Alan Watts

Alan Watts (1915-1973) who held both a master’s degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, is best known as an interpreter of Zen Buddhism in particular, and Indian and Chinese philosophy in general. He authored more than 20 excellent books on the philosophy and psychology of religion, and lectured extensively, leaving behind a vast audio archive. With characteristic lucidity and humor Watts unravels the most obscure ontological and epistemological knots with the greatest of ease.

Note From Dan:

Having grown up in the SF Bay Area during the 60’s Alan Watts was a huge influence in my life. There was a weekly radio show on a local alternative station called KSAN that would broadcast one of his lectures each week. I remember listening as I walked around my apartment on Sunday mornings in awe of the simple, easy to understand wisdom coming from this man. I later (once I entered college) wrote a paper on Alan Watts finding out more and more about his background (which is quite fascinating). I hope you find his words and thoughts as valuable as I have.