Like the first in series, Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist The Addendum was a real eye opener. Before I saw this movie I had never heard of fractional reserve banking and I suspect that more then 90% of people are currently  ignorant to what it is and the way it works.

It sure is an eye opener though and awareness of what it is and how it works to keep us in debt by necessity and  design is a real eye opener. Especially when you consider and then realize that debt has been used as a weapon to control the masses to the benefit of a very elite few.

And not only the masses of people but through other institutions such as the IMF and World Bank the entire world and other nations are subjected to the manipulations of the elite through debt – Heck these guys even have their own enforcement unit called “The Economic Hit Man”…..and more.

The movie concludes with a very idealistic message that is where much of the controversy surrounding Zeitgeist The Addendum centers. You make up your own mind.