Vietnam War 1966-1967 Search & Destroy the Enemy

Back in the 60’s there was this little war called the “Vietnam War”. JFK wanted nothing to do with it so they killed him. On the other hand LBJ couldn’t wait to send troops, bomb villages, women and children as well as poison a good part of the country with agent orange.

Forget the fact that in the 64 election, LBJ the Presidential candidate said that he’d never send Americas sons, or daughters to die in the jungles of Vietnam; he did anyway. He knew he would so he invented the Gulf of Tonkin incident, claiming that one of our destroyers was attacked by a North Vietnamese gun boat and that was the beginning.

Unfortunately the Vietnam was was unlike any war the United States had fought. Typically you march your forces in, you take over enemy territory and when you take over enough territory the enemy is considered conquered. In Vietnam this was not the strategy and often our soldiers would spend weeks, or more assulting or defending a position, such as Khe Sahn and then after the battle had been won, would abandon the position. Go figure. Consequently the strategy was search and destroy. A war to be fought and (supposedly won) based on body count. This was search and destroy. There was a problem though. The enemy was difficult to distinguish and not to mention had miles, upon miles upon miles of underground tunnels.

This film is all about the body count, the strategy of search and destroy.