UFO’s and Alien Contact, Full Documentary

UFO’s! Real or not? There’s a lot of speculation, information, disinformation and misinformation out there in the world about the presence here on earth of extraterrestrials.

Some researchers such as Zachariah Stitchen after deciphering the cuneiform on Sumerian tablets believe that we as a species have been genetically altered by extra-terrestrials going back hundred of thousands of years.

Others such as Stephen Greer believe the alien presence is totally benign and that the United States government has a relationship with extra-terrestrials that goes back for many years and is withholding zero point energy technology from the population.

Others aren’t so convinced about the benevolence of the alien presence and believe that there’s a sinister, evil and even demonic element to the alien presence and that we’ve been part of a harvesting program that has anything but our best interest in mind and not only that but they are in legion with the dark forces running the world as well.

In and among all of this speculation however there is a tangible human element in the form of people who report being abducted, taken and experimented on. This documentary does not speculate about zero point energy, anti-gravity propulsion, or secret agreements between terrestrials or extra-terrestrials.

Rather this documentary looks at the side of the discussion dealing with people. The abducted people who share a very similar story and who report enduring very real, very stressful experiences that I (for one) can barely imagine experiencing myself.

Are UFO’s, Aliens real? Have extra-terrestrials here and have they maybe played an influential role in our physical and biological, or genetic history? It’s a great question which shouldn’t be rejected out of hand simply because of its fantastic scope and profound implications. The size, scope and wonder of the universe is beyond my imagination.

How about yours?


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