True History of the United States, Free Documentary

So you think you know the history of the United States? I knew that there was much I didn’t know but this film makes it pretty clear that there’s much more to the story.

Fascinating, engaging and deeply engrossing film that left me wanting more with a mental note to watch again.  I have never claimed to be a student of history but watching this film makes me wish I had more time to be such.

The history of the United States as shown in this film is not what we’re taught in school. Other films on the channel such as “The Secret of Oz” and “The Money Masters” hint at how the British Monarchy has tirelessly worked to undermine the great American experiment, but this film brings that whole subject to the fore with a lot more detail.

In a sense the way the film lays out British influence and the attitude of the British elite towards us commoners makes the film difficult to watch, because as I look around it is painfully obvious that we may have won the Revolutionary battle the war raged on so that we’re back to being colonists again. I wonder.

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