nasa-bullshitSome refer to NASA as “Never a Straight Answer” and that the civilian space program is just a cover for a more secretive space program. While others would say that everything coming out of NASA is BS and that we never went to the moon, the ISS is a Psyop and that nothing coming out of NASA should be believed.

This documentary explores in some detail the Nazi connections that formed the basis of NASA as well as the questionable aspects of the Apollo and other programs.

This will begin a series of videos surrounding NASA and some of the things that they do that make it seem that indeed they’re just another aspect of the mind control grid.

Personally, I have my doubts about NASA but how deep the rabbit hole is I’m not sure. I think it’s deep enough to be somewhat suspicious and logically speaking it wouldn’t make sense to believe that in a government full of lies and deception that they’d be the only honest ones in the bunch.

What do you think?

Were the moon landings real or fake? I’m curious what others think about NASA.  Are they the one pristine shining star in of honesty and truth in the midst of a government that has made an art form of deception or disinformation?

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