Phenomenon – The Lost Archives – The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

Why did the US  Government, the CIA and The Patent Office try to cover up all the great work of Tesla ? Was he the greatest genius of all time The modern world is not ready for Tesla’s secrets, which potentially would destroy the fundamental axis of the worlds corrupt systems… based on SLAVERY and FIAT CURRENCIES!

Tesla’s ideas involving ‘free wireless energy for all’ and ‘zero point energy’ would at best create a world society that would have no use for ‘nuke power, coal power, oil, solar, wind, etc…’ Such a future without pollution and carbon based emissions would prevent the pyramid of wealth that has been created to further ENSLAVE THE IGNORANT MASSES!

N.TeslaHumans would only require ORGANICALLY GROWN FOODS along with these technologies and could have prevented the horrid DNA damage already done to all earth species… Someday the technological door will open and the need for WAR MACHINES will be no longer… this is why we today praise the mass murdering Einstein who is responsible for more human deaths then any other single person; instead of TESLA who created the technologies that became the triumphs of this modern age like AC electric, 3 phase electric motor, radio, cell phones, inductance coils, to name a small fraction of his huge gift to all.

Keep in mind that the gifts Tesla gave us have made us the ‘first world’ and still millions live without these advantages and are stuck in the third world.