If you believe that the matrix is real, if you believe that you’re connected to others around, if you believe that you’re connected to the earth and to the cosmos at large, then this video will not be eye-opening for you. What will be a revelation is how the world science is beginning to identify some of the components that make up this matrix.

This documentary is not philosophy, or unsubstantiated claims from an ancient text. Rather these are highly educated researchers who are on the cutting edge of medical science and they are concluding that the physical body is not driven by chemistry and biology, but rather starts as an information field.

If you don’t or have been skeptical about the maxim of universal inter-connectedness then you will have a lot to think about and your eyes are wide open.

This film features Dr. Bruce Lipton and others of note in the medical science field explores not only the causes and cures of disease but the body as a field. I don’t want to give away too much about the profound revelations in this film but the implications of what is being stated are profound.

I can say  this – the film pretty much tears asunder the Newtonian view of the body as a machine and if this is true. If indeed the body has its source in the information field then what does that say about how the other aspects of the life we live is driven by this information field – and the fact that we influence it with our thoughts and emotions. Poverty, joy, sadness, love and on and on and on – is this the end of victim-hood? Maybe those law of attraction folks have been on to something and more of us should be paying attention. 

If you are intrigued by this film then you should watch the 4 part series here on the channel called “The Holographic Universe”. You’ll find intersection on a variety of topics with what these researchers are saying.

What this film really says to me is; All reality starts in the divine field, therefore to change any part of the physical manifestation of such means changing the input to the divine field. Garbage in,  garbage out.

If you don’t like, or aren’t happy with any part of your life, your health, your finances, your weight, than change the way you think, feel and act towards the world. There is no other way.

If we all did this the so-called new world order would be dead in the water in a New York minute.

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For further investigation click to watch “The Holographic Universe”

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