The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

The assissination of martin luther kingThe most definitive video existing DOCUMENTING the FBI’s conspiracy to kill MLK. As MLK went above and beyond issues of Civil Rights, the policy makers behind the secret curtain had to have him killed.

Martin Luther King is not only a role model for Black America, but for all Americans ( He  certainly is a hero of mine). He stood for civil rights yes, but he was a champion of all oppressed people regardless of color, or national origin. A true man of peace Dr. King was an opponent of all of the dark and evil forces that are so willing to sacrifice men, women and children to fight wars that at the whim of corrupt politicians.

I so wish he was still alive and wonder what he would say about  the world we live in now. What would he say about rendition, the patriot act, the military commissions act, the bombing of innocent men women and children in Iraq, Pakistan, or Afghanistan, naked body scanners and all those things that are afoot today that act to do one thing and one thing alone………..instill fear and mistrust.