Terror Storm A Government Sponsored Terrorism

Terror Storm, a History of False Flag OperationsTERRORSTORM, Alex Jones-often credited as the father of the 9/11 Truth Movement-provides a riveting case of how throughout history, criminal elements inside governments have carried out terror attacks against their own populations as a pretext to enslave them.

TERRORSTORM reveals that in the last hundred years, Western leaders have repeatedly murdered their own citizens while posing as their saviors.

Containing brand new footage, evidence, and interviews (with people such as Gore Vidal and Jesse Ventura), Terror Storm explores the mindset of the average brainwashed Westerner and delves deeply into the systems of control, which have been scientifically crafted to imprison the public’s minds and keep their eyes closed to the realities of the world around them.

In addition to blowing the lid off the conspiracy of 9/11 and the attacks of 7/7 in London, TERRORSTORM also reveals other terrorist events that were self-inflicted wounds, such as the Reichstag fire, the Gulf of Tonkin, and the US-backed Iranian coup of 1953.

Terror Storm Updated and Expaneded

This UPDATED AND EXPANDED edition of Terror Storm contains new footage of the 5th Anniversary 9/11 Truth rally at Ground Zero in New York City; recently surfaced BBC and CNN press coverage regarding the destruction of WTC Bldg. 7-twenty minutes before it fell; details about the “shoot down” law which was never invoked on 9/11; the Norman Mineta testimony; crucial testimony from members of the CIA and 9/11 family members; and much more.

Alex Jones has gained international attention for standing up for what he believes in. From Italy’s La Prensa to the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, Jones has brought the information war to the mainstream print media worldwide, speaking out against tyranny in defense of the Constitution.

Since 9/11 Jones has broken many of the stories, which later became the foundation of the evidence that the government was involved. After helping BBC journalist Greg Palast break major stories Palast publicly thanked Alex for being the only radio host to pay attention to W199I, a leaked document concerning FBI protection of groups linked to Al-Qaeda.

Terror Storm demonstrates that the terrorists are not who you think they are.

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