If you watched the fist “Super Market Secrets” documentary, you maybe have become a little more cautious about the amount of chicken you get at the market. Here’s a summary in this edition of Super Market Secrets

Wasting Food Cosmetic For Cosmetic Imperfection

There’s a tremendous number of people who go to sleep every night without enough to eat, but you’re going to see how much food does not make it to the shelves because it has a blemish here, or there or just isn’t round enough, or red enough. Ton and tons and tons of food each harvest goes to waste.

Pesticide Residue in Fruits and Vegetables:

Ok, pesticides is kind of a given (I guess) but I don’t want to have it in my food. How much pesticide residue in our fruits and vegetables is safe? Well guess it depends on who you talk to and who you believe.

Dairy Farming

Well there’s really only one thing to say about this segment. No matter what your life is all about as it is now, just be grateful you’re not a dairy cow. If child slave labor laws were to be applied to dairy cows the story would be drastically different.