This film, produced in 1998, reveals a number of different prophecies from the likes of Edgar Cayce, Gordon Michael Scallion, the Hopi Indians. Nostradamus  and others. It  was almost impossible to find much (if any) 3rd party  information about this film.

Films like this are interesting to watch (12 years post release) with a Monday morning, arm chair quarterback point of view on some things. For example, there Edgar Cayce has always made reference t o chambers below the Sphinx and though at this point this has yet to be confirmed, there are some archeologists (see the two interviews on what’s happening at Giza) that believe this to be true and are finding some evidence in support of Cayce.

Overall the documentary I found to be worth the time it took to watch. The production value is excellent and how much value in the information is up to you to decide.  For me it continues to reinforce the belief that the history of the earth as we popularly know of it, just scratches the surface and make me more curious to know the whole story.

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