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The idea of a quantum reality, or the Matrix was popularized by the movie of the same name but in this short documentary you’ll find that the concept of our reality being computer driven was originally postulated by science fiction writer Philip Dick in 1977. He was not take seriously and even after the movie, The Matrix popularized the notion, the idea that our reality that has it’s origins in the digital world was still mostly a fanciful one only seriously embraced by those whacko, kooks, tin foil hat wearing folks.

Then a few years back, University of Maryland physicist, James Gates Jr. ( who was also part of Obama’s science team) announced that within the equations of super string theory he found computer code. Not just any computer code but code that is very similar to the kind of code found in the web browser you use.

Add on top of this the work of Philosopher, Physicist Nick Bostrom who proposes what is called the “Simulation Hypothesis”

The simulation hypothesis contends that reality is in fact a simulation (most likely a computer simulation), of which we, the simulants, are totally unaware. Some versions rely on the development of simulated reality, a fictional technology. The hypothesis has been a central plot device of many science fiction stories and films.

Someone said once that truth is stranger than fiction and so it might just seem and of course if you come to think that there might be something to what Gates, Bostrom and others are proposing, that we truly are living in a simulated digital reality, then you can’t escape the implication of the most profound question; Who is the programmer? Computer programs aren’t self originating. They are written by a programmer. So would this be evidence of a supreme being? A divine presence?

Further if you watched the other video here on Project  Camelot called “The Living Matrix” which postulates that the body is at it’s core an information field that we have influence over than it would seem that we are not (as simulants) victims of a program execution but actually get to write or at least influence the program that we experience. Yes it does get quite bizarre but it also can explain other wierd, woo-wooness that traditonal society has pooh-poohed over the years. The law of attraction for example.

They used to say that you are what you eat, but it would seem that the more accurate statement is that you are what you think. So if you don’t like you quantum reality, change the program. It’s your program – or so it is beginning to seem.

So leave your comments. What do you think? Might this information be part of the key that will allow human society to begin to overcome the ‘death and debt’ reality that the global power brokers seem to want to force feed us 24×7?


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