Malcolm X, a Documentary

This is a documentary about Malcolm X released in 1972, 7 years after his assassination. If you’re not of my generation, the name Malcolm X may be foreign, or little known to you, as I’m sure his story and his life is not something the public school history curriculum includes.

Nominated for an Oscar this film is an enlightening, reflective prism of our collective past that goes beyond race relations and if you aren’t that familiar with Malcolm X I encourage you to watch it completely from start to finish. It will cause you to reflect deeply about the current condition and state of the world and the (human) race.

My Memory of Malcolm X

I was 10 years old living in suburban Northern California when Malcolm X was assassinated. The date was Feb 21st 1965. So my direct recollection of Malcolm X during his time on earth was very limited and I can only recall short news clips of him giving speeches that I took to be very threatening and not knowing any better I was scared of him. Such are the results of ignorance.

It wasn’t until 1992 (at the age or 38) when a good friend dragged me to the theater to see a movie a historical drama about the life of Malcom X by Spike Lee and starring Denzel Washington called “X”.  that I started to see Malcolm X with new eyes.

Malcolm X, A Man To Admire

In every sense of the word Malcolm X is a man to admire and worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as any great American. Malcom X was a self actualized man who overcame tremendous obstacles to become one of the most influential civil rights leader of all time. Many remember him as a militant bent of preaching a separation of the races and black supremacy, this is not how I see him. Yes, separatism is what he preached early on but later on (being the seeker of truth that he was) I believe he was beginning to wake up to the fact that the problem of the races was more of a result of  the few manipulating the many.

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