The 9/11 Documentary That Gets It

INCONTROVERTIBLE is the first and only feature length 9/11 documentary we have which portrays the frank and candid views of Police Officers, Firefighters and Soldiers as they express their grave concerns about the official explanation for the events of 9/11. The film is intended to act as a practical aid in combating the mainstream media’s propaganda and outright lies concerning the attacks on September 11th 2001.

This film is intended to be viewed by Police Officers, Firefighters and all those serving in the Armed Forces as they are the among the best placed members of our society to have the ability to change things for the better. If you have friends or family who are serving then please pass this film onto them.

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So if you think that 9/11 needs to be fully reconsidered leave a comment below. Don’t ignore the power of this film because this 9/11 film is really a very different animal.

This 9/11 documentary is compelling like no other 9/11 documentary I’ve ever watched and worked on me in a variety of different levels.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide on what level it touches you.

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Finally, if you have similar feelings as I do about 9/11 and the need for the light of truth to be  brought to bear and if you think that this 9/11 documentary is outstanding as I think it is than like, and share this page. Encourage your friends to watch it.