One hour and fifty two minutes and hundreds of reasons why Hillary Clinton should not become the next president of the United States. The breadcrumbs of murder, deceit and corruption associated with the Clinton crime family is amazingly extensive. The fact that Hillary gets any favorable press coverage is a reflection of how impotent and compromised the media has become.

Too bad there isn’t a little blue pill for journalists who have lost their way, lost their courage and succumbed to the dark side. If you know anyone who is supporting or is thinking about supporting Hillary in 2016 help them understand that such a decision is the absolute worst thing they could ever do.

If you want more reasons why you should never say that you’re ready for Hillary, watch the 2008 documentary called, “Hillary The Movie.” There’s no question that the Clinton’s are a crime family. The real question is if it’s Bill or Hillary who is ‘Don Corleone”.  Personally I think that Bill was too preoccupied playing with his little willy and that Hillary is the real brains behind the operation.

Useful Resources for Further Research and Information on the Clinton Crime Family

  1. The Clinton Body Count
  2. The Clinton Chronicles DVD
  3. List of People Connected w/Clinton who Have Died Suddenly or Under Unusual Circumstances
  4. Meghan Kelly Interview w/Kathleen  Wiley – Hillary is the War on Women