Be it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defense of our freedoms….

state surveillance debater glenn greenwaldIn this debate on state surveillance the audience was asked if they felt state surveillance was legitimate defense of our freedoms?

As well the audience was asked how open they might be to changing their opinion on the issue. They were then asked after the debate the same question about the legitimacy of state surveillance.

The results are not posted in the video but you’ll find a link at the bottom of this page taking you to the Monk website showing the results.

State Surveillance Debate Description From the Monk Website

It is the debate of the moment. In a risk-filled world, are democracies justified in turning to large-scale state surveillance, at home and abroad, to fight complex and unconventional threats? Or is the emergence of the surveillance state and the awesome powers it derives from information technology a new and pervasive threat to our basic freedoms?

For some the answer is obvious: the threats more than justify the current surveillance system, and the laws and institutions of democracies are more than capable of balancing the needs of individual privacy with collective security. For others, we are in peril of sacrificing to state surveillance and exaggerated terrorist threats the civil liberties that guarantee citizens’ basic freedoms. To engage this global debate our spring 2014 contest moves the motion:

Regardless of where you might come down on the legalities of the issue or if you believe that it’s possible, as Dershowitz advocates to find a balance between state surveillance and the preservation of civil liberties, the one question (which no on either site directly addressed) is really about trust.

The question of trust is central. Is the NSA worthy of being trusted or are they not?

You can click the link below to find out the results of the debate from the Monk Debates website.

Post Debate Results

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