Project Camelot Channel Privacy Channel

What We Collect, How It Is Stored

To access Project Camelot Channel videos, movies, or interviews requires a user to register for a username and password. The form we use to collect this information is limited to:


  1. Username
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Email Address
  5. Password

This information is stored locally in our Word Press database and is never shared, sold, rented or otherwise made accessible to any 3rd party sources.

Post Comments

After a user logs in to the Project Camelot Channel, they have the rights to comment on any post, movie or video. When a comment is made if the user has updated their profile to include a website address, then this information will be available as part of the comment as a click-able link.

What We Do With The Information

After a user registers for an account we may occasionally send email messages, alerts,  or notifications when a new video, movie is posted to the site.

The bottom line is that we completely respect  your privacy.

Dan Latrimurti

Project Camelot Channel

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