Judy Wood and John Lash are not two household names but withing they’re field they are very recognizable and speak authoritatively in their niche and in this video you get a take on the events of 9/11 from two totally different perspectives.

Who is Dr. Judy Wood

Judy Wood has a background in the hard sciences and she while everyone else in the 9/11 movement was wondering who did it or if it was a controlled demolition or not, Dr Wood was focused on the how it happened and came up with an entirely different conclusion and believes that the process of taking down the buildings involved the use of directed energy weaponry.

Who is John Lash

John Lash has been compared to the late great Joseph Cambell and has a website at http://metahistory.org/ that is a virtual encyclopedia of information related to untangling myths and mythology and breaking it down to reveal deeper meanings in relationship to the way they influence our belief system, our culture and the society we create and live in. He is very notable for his interpretation of the Nag Hamadi writings, Gnostic teachings and casting the whole UFO subject in a completely different light.

So you might imagine the kind of discussion the two of these spirited, passionate individuals who are experts in their own field can bring to the event of 9/11. I highly recommend giving it a listen for some interesting and thought provoking insight.

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