Michael Tsarion – 2012 – The Future of Mankind

Project Camelot Channel is very proud to present this video lecture by Michael Tsarion.  Micheal Tsarion as a researcher who mentored under the likes of Jordan Maxwell is a very competent and thorough researcher in his own right with his own unique perspective and tremendous amount of information worthy of being processed and acted on where appropriate.

This 3 hour 8 minute lecture is not something that you just watch passively, it is something that you feel your way through. Pay close attention to your emotions and your feelings as you listen to Michael Tsarion when he unfolds the psychological, spiritual, emotional and astrological archetypes that have come to exercise their will over time and are still at work today.

This is not a doom and gloom video, there you could find a lot here that could make you feel that way, it is actually a good new video for those dedicated to personal truth and freedom.